Help Jumpstart MontSoul on Earth Day!

It was 61 degrees on Antarctica the other day. That seems a little high for a place covered in Ice. Anyways we're hoping it was just a fluke, kinda like Cowpie Golf on Christmas Day in Miles City. Happy Earth Day 2015!

We use Union Aerotex Waterbased Inks which are the cleanest and most environmentally friendly.. and are much more sensitive than the traditional petroleum based solvents used in plastisol Inks.

About 150 years ago, before the current Montana was a Territory the entire Rocky Mountain Front was considered by the Spanish as Montana del'Norte. We think that's choice to think about. Most of the decision makers of the time despised the idea of naming Montana..just that. MONTANA. They said one thing and did the exact opposite. Hmm.

Check out our new Del'Norte hand dyed Heavyweight American Made long sleeve Green-Tee. We are using this design as kind of a jumpstart so to speak. Please pre-order yours today. First Range Ship date: May 26th, 2015.

Adult Sizes: S-XXL