Later Days

If you've ever been to Northwest Mt. or anywhere up around here, you know that one of the best things about summer is how long it stays light out! When the sun comes up before 5 and goes down well after 10, you can suck up as much of the outdoors as you want. While this is incredibly awesome, it can create difficulties, like finding time to sleep for example or realizing just how late it is.

A year ago, my parents came up to visit and do a summertime tour of Montana. We did the usual...hit the Farmers Market, float the Clark Fork river, drive the Going to the Sun Road and eat anything Huckleberry flavored. Our adventures also took us into Alberta, and eventually back down toward Glacier to Waterton, the Canadian side of the International Peace Park. This was my first time in this section of the park, and it didn’t fail to impress, with some of the best views and wildlife sightings of the trip. On our last day before heading back south to the boarder, we got a little distracted by a few Grizzlies, an awesome sunset, and a friendly fox while headed out of the park at twilight.

It wasn’t until the last light had faded and we were several miles out of the park that I began to realize that the border patrol station that we were heading towards, probably wasn’t open at all hours of the night and that we would most likely be stuck in Canada for another evening. Sure enough, we pulled up to a closed boarder crossing with no one in sight. We had two options: sleep in the car until the boarder opened the next day or head back to Waterton, hoping we could find a place to sleep.
Although my dad and I were up for sleeping in the car, we were ruled down pretty quickly. Looking back, I’m glad we were. If we hadn’t lingered in the park that night, I would still have this photograph you see here, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to stay in this historic old building or have the memory and story of how we ended up there. I guess the adventure truly doesn’t start until something goes wrong. That’s my #MontSoulMoment #ComfortandGrit #waterton #glacier #gnp #princeofwaleshotel #sunset #grizzly 
Wade Lindsey
Thank you #awadelindsey for this wonderful story.
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