He owns our first shirt..


"Three years ago I saw the Mission Mountains for the first time. They captured my heart and wouldn't let go." Chris Nichols

We love this guy from Missoula who has taken on all the biggies in Colorado and does something like this on a Saturday afternoon in June! ‪#‎montsoulgoods‬
Mount Calowahcan, Mont.

But that's not the main part, of what makes Chris so worthy of our little companies original.. idea of a 2015 Man of the Year Award.

He has been there for me when things weren't looking so good. He's softened my heart & eased my pain through the simple steps of prayer. He sits with us and listens, and rarely has a bad thing to say.

Never a doubt, he's always been for it..at whatever pace, and thats exactly what you need when you climb a Mountain.

Chris is also the area Director of Missoula Younglife and the mountain would be nearly impossible to climb without his wonderful Wife, Courtney. There are many that would be off course if it weren't for these two and their awesome Team of Leaders.

Please visit the website: https://missoula.younglife.org/Pages/default.aspx

This organization has been around the Garden city since the early 70's and is now growing 'at just the right time' when Missoula needs it the most. Please help if you can.

Hoping 2016 brings you Peace and comfort.

Brian Oistad